What are the options?

When using dental implants, there are a variety of options to help provide you with a beautiful smile as well as restoring function.


...... Single Tooth Replacement

Ideal for replacing a missing tooth and filling the gap.


Implants are strongly recommended in this situation as the need to wear a denture or grind adjacent teeth for a bridge is eliminated.


Once the implant has been placed, a custom-made crown is fitted on top making it blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.


 ...... Implant Supported Bridges

Replaces multiple missing teeth, allowing for efficient chewing.


After one or more implants are placed in the gap, a bridge is fitted over them.


This option may also appeal to those who do not wish to wear dentures. In this case, six to eight implants (depending on the individual) are placed in both upper and lower jaw and the bridge is permanently fixed on top.


...... Implant Supported Dentures


Provide stability and support to various types of dentures.


This involves placing two or four implants in the jaw and fitting the dentures on top. The result? Loose and troublesome dentures are fixed firmly and function more efficiently.


Afterwards, the dentures can easily be removed, cleaned and placed back over the implants.